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 HW Maxed out Chrome

This beautiful colt is Sold!

Beautiful Black and white blanket colt, three socks and large blaze and partial blue eye, Sire is Maxed Out and the dam is SS Montana Mae.

This is a special colt, beautiful color and build, exceptional personality. Last season this cross produced a beautiful colt much like this one, we didn't dare to hope for another loud black and white from this cross but we got it! This fellow is a stallion prospect deluxe, he carries both performance, halter and running blood. He could go in ANY direction and I simply can't flaw him anywhere. Beautiful head, nice balanced build and good streight legs. He Runs everywhere he goes! LOL

His sire went to Michigan, so did his full brother. The temprement of these Max babies is unbelievable, very trainable and people loving.

We welcome inquiry's on this boy, we'll be posting him for sale before weaning and price him at that time. You just won't find a better stallion prospect out there....He's the whole Package!




What a special boy, He's everything we'd hoped for from this Match. He has the whole package, beautiful head, color couldn't be better! Very correct and streight and very athletic. This young stallion carrys the blood of so many greats, His dam is as close bred Mighty Bright/Bright eyes brother as you will find out there today. She's an own Granddaughter to Mighty Sheik, by Dial Me Sheik. Dial Bright Too, Bright Eyes brother breeding top and bottom! And all this breeding is close up.  Top Successor, The executive, Impressive, Intrigue, Bright Starlette just to name a few on the sire's side.

This baby is Stallion Material, he'll have the size, the pedigree and the build to make anything anyone could desire, eather in performance or breeding. We're so pleased with this match!

This colt is HYPP NN, his sire is documented negative

Price  $ 2,700.00

Sire: Maxed out    Dam: SS Montana Mae

Satin Reinstorm 2012 filly

this filly is sold

Beautiful Black filly with full spotted blanket, Foundation Appaloosa Stallion and a AQHA mare. Should be a super riding prospect, she's so well balanced and has a beautiful little head and tons of refinement. This filly is special, very docile natured and inquisitive. She'll be as flashy as anyone could hope for under saddle...And be a wonderful producer someday down the road.

Beautiful Blue roan filly, by our AQHA Mare Certifiable Megan. Very refined filly with a beautiful little head. She's the very first foal by our young Stallion DREA  Rainwaters Fire and we're so pleased. This should make a super nice riding filly, she's bred to be used, Pleasure /Performance and foundation breeding combine in wrapped in a stunning little package! She has foundation breeding tracing back all the way to the ghostwind stallions!!!!

Her Blanket nearly extends to her withers, and is covered in quarter and dime sized black spots, tiny star on her forehead. Both mare and stallion have beautiful heads and stunning manes and tails...This would surely make a nice show filly or pleasure mare that will turn heads.

Megan and Rainwater



Beautiful Black and white stallion colt.

This Very special colt has sold!


Offered for sale is a beautiful young stallion, his sire is the foundation stallion DREA Rainwater's fire, by the AQHA Mare Certifiable Megan...This colt has everything going for him, and he'll be a rider!

His sire is by the foundation stallion Pratt Sully fire, who was the corner stone of Decker's breeding program for many years..Our young beautiful stallion with exceptional athletic ability and presence and we're finding his babies are just as nice.

Certifiable Megan is by the congress sire I'm certifiable, she's multi pointed in Western pleasure and was a winning Futurity baby.

this boy is gorgeous, correct, and will be weaned the end of August.

Priced firm at $2,500.00








                                                         CERTIFIABLE MEGAN

Cherokee N Diamonds

Very Nice Dun filly by the mare Mark me Te and a Dreamfinder bred stallion Diamond's are Fatal. We purchased this filly's dam heavy in foal  and we intend to keep this filly for our broodmare band and as a riding mare. This filly's dam is a Medallion earner and multiple top 10 halter mare with over 200 show points in her career.

This filly is NOT FOR SALE

Mark Me Te (dam)onds are Fatal (sire) Diamonds are Fatal (left)

SS Indago Smoke

This horse has sold!

Black/Blue roan Blanketed Gelding

Bright Eyes Brother Breeding

We purchased this colt, from another breeder that has been raising appaloosas for 40 plus years, The paperwork wasn't able to be followed up on this colt because the breeder didn't own the stallion and for what ever reason, the colt's registration wasn't able to be completed. Likely the Stallion's paperwork wasn't ever posted. But this colt is from registered pedigree breeding. His dam wasn't able to produce enough milk for this fellow and he got a somewhat rocky start. We purchased this colt cause I know he came from a reputable breeder that I admire. I seen great potential in him. I know this boy will make a super athletic individual as I have three other horse's from this breeding program that I would not part with for anything. They make good using horses and have a very sensible dispostion and trainability to them. I have sent in his paperwork for Hardship registration, and will be double registering him the American Indian Registry as well. We've gelded him and he'll be handled and worked with till he sells. Should mature out around 14.3 to 15 hands, has an Black AQHA dam and a Bright Eyes Brother breeding sire. I wish I could keep him, but we already have three geldings and this boy needs to be someone's special companion and be used...we just have too many to give him that attention! He's up to date on all vaccinations, has been gelded and wormed on a regular basis, we've started Round pen work on him and he's doing super.

Priced at $1,200.00

This colt comes from a long line of performance bred horses, Mighty Bright, Mighty Shiek. Bright Eyes Breeding on the top side. He has a beautiful Stock horse head, nice round hip, good leg and bone and full mane and tail, beautiful contrasting blanket. He's very noticable in the field!!! Inquiry's welcome on this colt, we call him Smokey.


(This filly is not for sale)

We're proud to display our newest addition! Another beautiful colored Dun Filly. She's by Maxed Out and Shez Goin Grand (Abby)

We were hoping but not expecting any color from this match! So happy with this filly!!! she's built, colored beautiful and has an excellent dispositon and pedigree. We will NOT be offering this filly for sale, she's a Max filly and we intend to keep her, show her/ride her and breed her someday to Rainwater. Both Dun filly's born this year will someday be within our broodmare band. Justin's going to name this filly, so we've not come up with anything special for her yet. I've never had a friendlier baby, she has absolutely no fear of people and loves attention of any kind.


Sire: Maxed Out Due to Many other commitments, Hidden Waters is Offering the a few of our broodmares for sale. Check out our Mare's page for pricing and information! Shez Going Grand


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